Learning Without Borders

For an individual to have the power to influence her natural unfolding, there must be trust from parents, mentors, and the learning community that she can positively influence her growth and development, when given the space and the opportunity. If we can view children as naturally curious, compassionate, and uniquely gifted and if we can embrace mistakes as natural, necessary steps on the learning journey, then it is possible to trust children to co-design their learning and author their own lives. 

Unfortunately, most conventional school environments do not honor children’s unique learning styles and developmental readiness. Children are often forced to sit still for long periods of time, work on designated tasks within set time limits, and be quiet so as not to be a distraction to others. These conditions are not optimal for learning. However, when children are given the opportunity to develop their abilities and challenge themselves in nurturing, expansive environments, they excel. When they are in environments with adults committed to helping them discover and develop their strengths, interests, and passions, they thrive. 

What opportunities can you provide your children that will help them discover and develop their unique talents, gifts, and interests?

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