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What is Your Lens on Math?

Often our lens on a subject or skill has more impact on our child’s learning than we think. One I hear most often from parents is math. Since math experiences exist on a continuum, from loving to hating math, getting the right match between learner and resources includes your lens as the parent or teacher.

For some parents, how their children are experiencing math is very similar to their experience, and for many others, the experience is very different. What has been your personal experience with math?
I love math!
I’m okay at it, but I don’t like it!
I struggled with math with it as a kid, but I’m okay with it now as an adult!
I hate math and avoid it at all costs!

How about your kiddo?
He loves math!
She’s okay at it, but he doesn’t like it
She struggles with it but gets it with help
He hates it, and it is a struggle

So how do we get a match? It is the intersection of the two lenses that help you determine which resources work best.

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