Thinking about “next steps” for ourselves and others can be challenging at times. There are many different transition points in a learner’s life, from:
– The beginning of our educational journey (what is the best educational setting for your wee one); to
– Transitioning to a new level in elementary, middle or high school; or
– Transitioning to post secondary and beyond

Having a transition coach can be so helpful, especially if a person has learning or health challenges. Someone who learns differently than others can still prosper in the right environment. Likewise, someone coping with short-term or long-term health issues can still do well, with proper supports and the right mindset.

Monica was fortunate to have many guides and mentors along the way, who helped her personally and professionally as she navigated transitions. Over the past 15 years, Monica has been fortunate enough to be able to pay forward the help she has received, by helping many other families navigate their transitions.

If you or someone you care about needs help making a transition, feel free to contact Monica for a free 30 minute consultation to see if she could work well with you, to help you and your family.

An Invaluable Resource

Monica has been an invaluable resource over the past four years for both our daughter and for us as parents. During the time they have worked together Monica has personalized how she works with our daughter based on her personality and learning styles. Throughout this time helping our daughter to see her passions and strengths clearly. Monica thoughtfully and creatively encouraged those passions and strengths to help her actualize her future growth-fully and positively. Monica began as learning consultant to our daughter at age 16 and has moved more towards a life coach as our daughter has turned 20 while consistently bringing studied objectivity and focus mixed with love and caring. Our deepest thanks and gratitude go to Monica for sharing her deep knowledge, experience, peacefulness and patience with us, all of which has brought and will continue to bring huge benefit to our daughter and to our family for our entire lives. – Sarah and Robert C., United States