Transition Planning

Does thinking about your learner’s future excite you,
or create a knot in your stomach?
Maybe you are looking for the best setting for your wee one.
Perhaps your learner is transitioning to a new level of schooling—
elementary, middle, high school, or college.
Or maybe they are looking at post-secondary work or a mid-life transition?

Thinking about “next steps” for ourselves and others can be challenging at times. 


If there is a learning or health challenge, or both, transitions can be even more complicated and overwhelming than they already are.

The good news is that someone who learns differently can still prosper in the right environment, and someone coping with short-term or long-term health issues can still do well with proper support and the right mindset.

I love working with individuals and families as a Transition Coach. Having navigated many of my own transitions, I know the difference it makes to have someone in your corner who can help you: 

  • brainstorm possibilities
  • explore options and customize a strategy to address particular needs

  • develop the skills required to thrive

Together, we can turn overwhelm into excitement and challenges into opportunities.

What Parents and Educators are Saying

“As an educator, I sought out Monica's mentorship in order to develop my skills and efficacy in providing self-directed learning facilitation to students and homeschooling families that don't often fit inside conventional expectations. Our work together demonstrated her keen ability to meld expert knowledge and practice: connecting my observations and questions to impactful educational or pedagogical research, offering carefully curated professional development resources, and exploring both teaching and learning process suggestions with me. Her mentorship has made a significant difference in the creativity, confidence, and concrete ideas that I am able to draw from in facilitating the learning journeys of children and youth that often carry both traumas and diverse expressions of learning needs or abilities. My practice is more fully in alignment with my commitment to being an extraordinary facilitator of self-directed learning as a direct result of my work with Monica; and as I have deepened my knowledge of resources and approaches, my students have also benefited. I am grateful to Monica for the opportunity to extend and deepen my skills as an educator and therefore to cultivate exciting professional opportunities.”

~ Marla R., Canada

“Monica has been an invaluable resource over the past four years for both our daughter and for us as parents. During the time they have worked together, Monica has personalized how she works with our daughter based on her personality and learning styles, helping our daughter to see her passions and strengths clearly. Monica thoughtfully and creatively encouraged those passions and strengths to help her actualize her future growth-fully and positively. Monica began as a learning consultant to our daughter at age 16 and has moved more towards a life coach as our daughter has turned 20 while consistently bringing studied objectivity and focus mixed with love and caring. Our deepest thanks and gratitude go to Monica for sharing her deep knowledge, experience, peacefulness and patience with us, all of which has brought and will continue to bring huge benefit to our daughter and to our family for our entire lives.”

~ Sarah and Robert C., United States

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