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Therapeutic Support

Does your child learn differently?
Do you wish there were easier ways to meet their particular needs?

Sometimes, a learner needs a more specialized approach to be able to enjoy learning and acquire the knowledge and skills they need for learning and life. 


For more than four decades, I have been helping students with learning challenges become more successful learners by:

  • identifying their particular needs and meeting them where they are
  • offering holistic, developmentally-appropriate learning strategies designed to meet their individual profiles
  • equipping their parents, caregivers, and educators to navigate their particular challenges

My background in child development, general education, and advanced training in special education make it easy for me to support learners with challenges in both offline and online environments.

I enjoy customizing approaches for individual learners that include one or more of the following approaches:

~ Tatum M., Mexico

The Safe & Sound Protocol

The Focus System

DIR® & DIRFloortime®

Educational Therapy

What Learners and Partners are Saying

"Monica has a wealth of experience and knowledge in alternative education, combined with a genuine love of seeing kids flourish. Our family has been fortunate to have her guidance with a variety of needs, including special ed. I'm eternally grateful to have her on this journey with us!”

~ Leigh F., New Zealand

“Monica and I successfully shared an adolescent learner with special educational needs for 5 years (she still works with him as a young adult). My favourite expression of hers is ‘I’m curious’ in response to his comments. She models curiosity, a vital component in meaningful learning, and creativity, another essential in both learning and teaching. Monica has also willingly helped me with my professional growth. I continue to rely on her expertise. Thank you Monica.”

~ Jaki A., Tobago

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