Learning Without Borders

Behind in learning??

With so much focus on learning loss and the meme that kids are “so behind in learning” in the news, teachers, parents, and caregivers are becoming increasingly worried and frantic about how to help the learners “catch up.” However, I’m noticing it is all viewed through the lens of learning artifacts such as test scores […]

3rd Grade Daze

Have you taken a moment to observe children under the age of five recently? What do you notice?  I had the privilege of meeting with a family via Zoom last week. They were showing me their chickens and newly built chicken coops. I observed their 4-year-old inside one of the coops with his baby chicks. His […]

Happy Lunar New Year

Celebrating a variety of holidays opens our children and ourselves to a broader appreciation of the many cultures around us. “Happy New Year” was recently heard in many parts of the world, where the Gregorian calendar year of 2020 has just begun. We’re already into the fifth month of the Islamic calendar year of 1441 […]

Exploring Different Journeys

Exploring difficult journeys should be met with an open mind and gentle heart. This holiday #thanksgiving take the time to be informed. This website: http://tiny.cc/chdkgz is very helpful resource as a racial justice guide with regards to Thanksgiving.  #givingthanks #education #research #resource #teaching #perspective #nativeamerican #truth #listen #relearn #nothanks #turkeydinner #pumpkinpie #holiday #share #caring #understanding #teachingchildren #racialjustice #openmind #firstthanksgiving #learningwithoutborders

Strengths or Weaknesses: What Do You Focus On?

Many of us know how important it is to work with our strengths; however, putting this idea into practice flies in the face of how our brains are wired. Unfortunately, our negativity bias often overrides this and we revert to thinking if we could only improve a weaker area for ourselves and our learners. then […]