Strength-Based Learning

What does your child LOVE to do?
What does your child do SO WELL that it amazes you?
What if we could build a learning plan around those interests and strengths?

Learning plans that build upon a learner’s strengths and interests
help them develop skills and capacities to grow to their fullest potential.

For 40+ years, I have worked with learners of all ages, and the parents, caregivers, and other caring educators who support them, helping them to: 

  • identify, celebrate, and enhance their unique strengths

  • discover, cultivate, and expand their interests

  • customize a learning plan that is meaningful and even fun

Using my own strengths (Learner – Input – Ideation – Connectedness – Individualization), I co-create relationships and both offline and online environments that nurture the love of learning and develop skills to take on the opportunities and challenges of the world. 

What Clients Are Saying

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