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Do you make New Year Resolutions or Set New Year Intentions?

Often as the New Year rolls around, we make bold New Year’s resolutions in the hopes of creating a massive shift in our life. Sometimes that works; however, more often by mid to late January they are history. Things like “I’m going to exercise five days a week when we haven’t exercised in years” might be a great idea; however, that’s a big leap.

Intentions are different than resolutions. Intentions are ideas we can actually implement daily. “I intend to take better care of my health” or “I intend to help my son get ready for the next stage in his life” if we try. As we move into January, write down what you intend to do in the new year to work toward your dreams.

This morning I received a text from one of the families I work with in New Zealand. I loved hearing that the mom and her daughters sat by a campfire and shared their intentions for 2020. If you’re in the northern hemisphere, it might be a bit too chilly to sit by a campfire. How about sitting around the fireplace, wood stove, ora candle in the middle of the table to set some intentions for the coming year? What are you going to do, to make your dreams for you and your family part of your daily life? Be sure to write them down, so they aren’t forgotten.

Remember to share your intentions for 2020 with someone you trust, because when you share, you reinforce your own commitment. Then each day that you can, do something to help those intentions become realities.

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