Learning Without Borders

As we prepare to celebrate a 2020 version of Thanksgiving this week in the United States, I’ve been reflecting on an article that a colleague forwarded to me a few weeks ago, titled Decolonizing Thanksgiving Is An Oxymoron – Kids Books Dismantling The Myth of a “First Thanksgiving”.

While I certainly appreciate the sentiments of gratitude and generosity that are typically associated with this holiday in the United States, I can’t get out of my mind all of the holiday parts that have been omitted. 

So, if you’re interested in learning and sharing with your children a more balanced perspective of Thanksgiving that doesn’t exclude the role of indigenous people and whitewash history,  I invite you to make a cup of tea or perhaps a stronger drink and read this article. 

At the very least, bookmark it and begin to explore the resources over the next little while because this isn’t a “one and done” conversation.  Hopefully, it will be the start of many questions and discussions.  Last but not least, please donate to the vital work of this non-profit if you are able.
Be safe and well!

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