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Parent Coaching

Do you feel like your current approach to parenting could use an upgrade?
Are you confused or overwhelmed with how to
motivate, support, and care for your child?

Being a parent seems to have become more complicated in the 21st century, including the number of competing ideas and approaches to parenting.

Using sound child development principles and incorporating more recent research in neuroscience, I have been helping parents to “think about their thinking” and connect with their children for more than forty years.

Sometimes there is a need for a solution to a particular issue. More often than not, there is a need to contextualize grand theories and somehow apply them on the ground, in a family’s own life. Like education, there is rarely a one-size-fits-all answer or approach.

So, we work together to explore the various factors involved so parents can make the best decision for their family.

~Ursa S. United States

What Parents are Saying

“I can’t even begin with how much Monica has helped me on my parenting journey, but I will try. I started out my parenting following what I had grown up with. When my son was not thriving, I started to question if there was another way. …… I knew what I didn’t want to do but was unsure what a different path even looked like. Monica’s gentle but straightforward approach was a huge help for me in reconnecting with my kids in a more compassionate, peaceful way. She has such a wide experience with children of diverse ages, developmental stages and personalities that each situation I had trouble with she had something to help and add. Fast-forward 6 years…… I have an amazing relationship with my kids, and Monica is a big reason for this. I have often heard her voice in my mind as I question how to react. I am forever grateful to such caring souls like her for sharing their knowledge and passion for our precious children.”

~ Sheree F., Australia

“Monica has been an invaluable resource over the past four years for both our daughter and for us as parents. During the time they have worked together, Monica has personalized how she works with our daughter based on her personality and learning styles, helping our daughter to see her passions and strengths clearly. Monica thoughtfully and creatively encouraged those passions and strengths to help her actualize her future growth-fully and positively. Monica began as a learning consultant to our daughter at age 16 and has moved more towards a life coach as our daughter has turned 20 while consistently bringing studied objectivity and focus mixed with love and caring. Our deepest thanks and gratitude go to Monica for sharing her deep knowledge, experience, peacefulness and patience with us, all of which has brought and will continue to bring huge benefit to our daughter and to our family for our entire lives.”

~ Sarah and Robert C., United States

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