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Today is LGBTQ Awareness and Celebration Day. Liz Dyer and Sarah Cunningham, founders of Real Mama Bears and Free Mom Hugs respectively, share some important do’s and don’ts when the children and youth in our lives trust us enough to share this information. 

As parents, teachers, and other caregivers, we all want to create enough safety in our relationships with the youth in our lives, so they can become the most authentic and best versions of themselves. 

I especially appreciated when Liz shared how important it is to tell them, “I really appreciate you taking the time to know yourself and striving to be authentic.” Here’s the cliff notes version below :

  1. Don’t Doubt Them 
  2. Don’t ask your child to stay in the closet 
  3. Do offer your support 
  4. Do express your love and gratitude 
  5. Don’t use religion to shame them 
  6. Do find support and resources for yourself

 But it’s well worth the time to hear this message from the two moms. Listen especially to the cues of safety in their tone of voices. 

For more tips and resources, check out their websites:



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