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Celebrating a variety of holidays opens our children and ourselves to a broader appreciation of the many cultures around us. “Happy New Year” was recently heard in many parts of the world, where the Gregorian calendar year of 2020 has just begun. We’re already into the fifth month of the Islamic calendar year of 1441 and the fourth month of the Hebrew calendar year of 5780.

We are ready to begin the Chinese calendar year of 4718. Although each culture measures the passage of time in its way, what is common among them is the recognition that a new year is a cause for celebration, an opportunity to both begin anew and to expand on previous accomplishments. Also, it is a time to set our intentions on what we want to do less of and what new ideas and experiences we would like to incorporate into our lives…

Chinese New Year is one of the oldest celebrated holidays in the world. Today, over one-fourth of the people on the earth celebrate this holiday. This year the celebration begins on January 25th and runs for 7-23 days, depending upon the number of customs a family follows.
Families around the world celebrate this holiday with crafts, games, fireworks, and food. If you’d like an overview of the holiday, check out the seven most often asked questions:https://www.unfamiliarchina.com/…/top-7-questions-about-chi…
For a deeper dive into this holiday take a peek at the National Geographic for Kids video of a family celebrating Chinese New Year in China: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kFymXv6quQ&feature=youtu.be
One of my favorite books about holidays is Celebrating Holidays Around the World: Chinese New Year.https://amzn.to/2RmepZhIt has loads of photos and interesting information for all members of the family. 
For folks who like to cook and create: check out my Pinterest Board:https://www.pinterest.com/monica3725/chinese-new-year/
One of the benefits of technology is that it can bring people together. So, whatever you do in the coming weeks to celebrate the Chinese New Year, I hope you will share some of what you and your family do with us.

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