A personalized approach to learning that builds on the strengths and interests of a learner is often enough to keep the curiosity and desire to learn alive. Sometimes, however, a learner might need a more specialized approach to be able to enjoy learning and to move toward becoming a lifelong learner. Over the past 40+ years, Monica has been helping students with learning challenges become more successful learners by meeting them where they are and then offering them holistic, developmentally appropriate learning strategies designed to meet their individual profiles.

She helps them move forward by using her combined background in child development, general education. and advanced training in special education, along with her many decades in the university of life. Thanks to modern technology, Monica works with folks both locally in the Ann Arbor area and world-wide via the internet.

Feel free to contact Monica for a free 30 minute consultation to see if she could work well with you, to help you and your family.

A Creative Approach

We have had the pleasure of knowing Monica for 25 years. Within that span of time, she has worked with our two daughters. While our eldest daughter was in high school, Monica assisted her with critical thinking and writing skills. While in elementary school, our youngest struggled with reading and Monica’s creative approach helped her to crack the code. Today she is a successful third year student at the University of Michigan. We feel that a child’s learning needs are in good hands with Monica. – Dr. Tom K. & Mary K., United States