“All children have within them the potential to be great kids.
It’s our job to create a great world where this potential can flourish.” 

~ Stanley Greenspan ~ 

Does your child have challenges learning?
Is it a challenge to connect and play with your child?

The DIR® model developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan and his colleagues, nurtures and develops communication, decision-making, and self-regulation skills through play. 

I use the DIR “Parent Coaching” model to help families, parents, and caregivers: 

  • meet the child where they are  

  • follow the child’s lead, intent, and interest

  • connect with them and enjoy being with them

This is so much more than just “letting them do what they want” or imitation. It is getting to know your child deeply, entering their world, and providing the “just right challenge” to develop to their fullest potential. 

"No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.”

~ James Comer ~

Though it looks different with a baby than with an older child, the three underlying guiding principles are still the same across developmental levels. 

(D) What are their Developmental/functional levels?

(I) Each child is an Individual and should be treated as such.

(R) We must build a solid Relationship so each child can learn.

Parents, caregivers, and educators help learners to develop the following capacities and climb the Functional Emotional Developmental Ladder seen in the trunk of the tree.

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