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What Learners and Partners are Saying

“Monica has supported me to really grow into being a better human. One doesn't know what one doesn't know, and having Monica help me to see the core of who I am meant that I could also do the same for my two children. My husband and I chose to allow our children to learn without school when they were very young and started to unravel what we knew about education and learning. Monica then supported our two girls to be self-directed learners and we now have grandparents that marvel at how they learn naturally from their environment and those around them. I love how Monica always acknowledges the journey of each of us so we can know that all the challenges and choices made are part of the process of learning and being in this world and makes us what we are in this moment. Monica consistently gave us tools and processes to unfold our knowing and courage to be who we are and always plenty of websites, apps, books, and other resources to use on this path. I learnt so much about NVC and conscious parenting, and I take it all into every interaction and relationship I have. Others often comment on the way I language situations to find a solution that meets everyone's needs. I am so grateful to you Monica. It’s been an honour and privilege to work with you and I can see how the ripples that emanate from you make the whole world a better place. So much love and gratitude.”

~ Penny

“Monica and I successfully shared an adolescent learner with special educational needs for 5 years (she still works with him as a young adult). My favourite expression of hers is ‘I’m curious’ in response to his comments. She models curiosity, a vital component in meaningful learning, and creativity, another essential in both learning and teaching. Monica has also willingly helped me with my professional growth. I continue to rely on her expertise. Thank you Monica.”

~ Jaki, Canada

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