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Make Kindness The Norm

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation marks out the week surrounding Feb 17th to create a greater awareness of the value and importance of kindness in the world. The theme this year is “Make Kindness the Norm.” It challenges us to imagine how the world would be if more of us made acts of kindness […]


Brain injury awareness month brings up so many thoughts and feelings for me. According to the Brain Injury Association (BIA), someone sustains a brain injury every 9 seconds in the United States. In an instant, their lives and the lives of their loved ones change. Our son’s life and our lives changed forever when the […]

“It’s not enough for me to write. I have to do right as well.”

I so appreciated the inaugural events today. I was especially impressed with Amanda Gorman’s poem. She spoke with such strength and poise! Who would have guessed that, as a child, she had auditory processing and articulation challenges that made it difficult for her to hear and say sounds like other children? In an interview with […]

Please Pass the Gravy and the Rest of the Story, too!

As we prepare to celebrate a 2020 version of Thanksgiving this week in the United States, I’ve been reflecting on an article that a colleague forwarded to me a few weeks ago, titled Decolonizing Thanksgiving Is An Oxymoron – Kids Books Dismantling The Myth of a “First Thanksgiving”. While I certainly appreciate the sentiments of gratitude […]

LGBTQ+ Awareness & Celebration Day

Today is LGBTQ Awareness and Celebration Day. Liz Dyer and Sarah Cunningham, founders of Real Mama Bears and Free Mom Hugs respectively, share some important do’s and don’ts when the children and youth in our lives trust us enough to share this information.  As parents, teachers, and other caregivers, we all want to create enough […]

A good match?

I hope you all are doing okay as the impact of the coronavirus has become real in our day to day lives. Many families are in either self-imposed or mandated quarantine! I don’t know about you, but my email and social media feeds have been flooded with resource ideas. I now have so many to […]

Nourish Your Nervous System

As the unpredictability in the world and the “stay at home” period is expanding around the world, it seems to be getting a bit more challenging for many of us to stay grounded. This interview with Dr. Porges, creator of the polyvagal theory, and Virginia Spellman from STAR Institute in Denver, about ways to nourish […]

What does Safe, Healthy and Sane Look Like for You?

As the reality of COVID-19 changes our world, I’ve received so many emails, texts, and calls about how to cope. My mantra has been: Stay safe, stay healthy and stay sane. Stay safe Unless you are in an essential job, stay in your bubble! Adhere to your area’s guidelines for social distance and quarantine.   Wash […]

Screentime: Good or Bad

Screen time, good or bad? As the battle for and against screen time continues to rage… I’m continually surprised that people are willing to settle for simplistic answers instead of asking mindful questions. When people ask me what do you think about kids and screens, I generally say “it depends.” As we enter this new. […]

Happy Lunar New Year

Celebrating a variety of holidays opens our children and ourselves to a broader appreciation of the many cultures around us. “Happy New Year” was recently heard in many parts of the world, where the Gregorian calendar year of 2020 has just begun. We’re already into the fifth month of the Islamic calendar year of 1441 […]