Learning Without Borders

I hope you all are doing okay as the impact of the coronavirus has become real in our day to day lives. Many families are in either self-imposed or mandated quarantine!

I don’t know about you, but my email and social media feeds have been flooded with resource ideas. I now have so many to add to my database of learning resources, I’m beginning to wonder when I’ll have the time to look at all of them. You all know how passionate I am about using our strengths and interests in learning. What has fascinated me is that as I check them out, individual children come to mind.

When I saw that www.virtualfieldtrips.org had a tour of the Eiffel Tower tour and the Louvre, I immediately thought that Ayva and Zaya would probably love this resource, because they are keenly learning about France. Or, when Jo Boaler created a post about learning at home, I saw an activity about learning multiplication and thought Elodie would love this, because she loves games and learns visually. Now I have a list of new resources with a number of the kids’ names next to them 🙂

Since so many families are home learning now, it is an excellent opportunity to explore personalized learning and look at learning resources through the lens of our children’s strengths. Remember to ask “why” do I think this resource is a good match? Listen to the because…

Is it because this is how they do it in a classroom with one teacher and 25 kids? Or is this resource/activity a good match for my child, based on what I know about my child’s strengths and how he or she enjoys learning?

By the way, it’s important to look at learning through the lens of our own strengths, too. More about that in my next post.

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