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Monica Kmetz Cochran, M.Ed.
Monica Kmetz Cochran, M.Ed.

Monica is passionate about nurturing the love of learning and has vast experience in helping learners of all ages enjoy learning. Working locally in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area and virtually (online), all over the world, she especially enjoys helping learners who have unique talents and challenges develop their strengths and learn in ways that work for them, so they can become lifelong learners and thrive in our 21st century world.

Personalized Learning

In the traditional educational paradigm, only students with special needs are able to escape the one-size-fits-all learning approach. These students receive an Individualized Educational Plan. Monica’s experience is that all learners thrive when learning is personalized. When a learning plan

Educational Therapy

A personalized approach to learning that builds on the strengths and interests of a learner is often enough to keep the curiosity and desire to learn alive. Sometimes, however, a learner might need a more specialized approach to be able

Parent Education & Coaching

Being a parent seems to have become more complicated in the 21st century than ever before. There are so many competing ideas of what is the best way to be a parent that it can be confusing and overwhelming. Using

Transition Planning

Thinking about “next steps” for ourselves and others can be challenging at times. There are many different transition points in a learner’s life, from:– The beginning of our educational journey (what is the best educational setting for your wee one);


As an Advanced DIRFloortime Practitioner, Monica can bring the DIR model into your home. Certified by the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning, Inc. (ICDL), she can help parents understand and work with the unique challenges and strengths of their children. What is

Safe and Sound Protocol

VIDEO See Monica in round table discussion about Digital SSP and new Pathways As a certified SSP provider, Monica has been helping children, adolescents, and adults since 2018, working both locally and remotely with families around the world. What Is


As an educator, I sought out Monica's mentorship in order to develop my skills and efficacy in providing self-directed learning facilitation to students and homeschooling families that don't often fit inside conventional expectations. Our work together demonstrated her keen ability to meld expert knowledge and practice; connecting my observations and questions to impactful educational or pedagogical research, offering carefully curated professional development resources, and exploring both teaching and learning process suggestions with me.

Her mentorship has made a significant difference in the creativity, confidence, and concrete ideas that I am able to draw from in facilitating the learning journeys of children and youth that often carry both traumas and diverse expressions of learning needs or abilities. My practice is more fully in alignment with my commitment to being an extraordinary facilitator of self-directed learning as a direct result of my work with Monica, and as I have deepened my knowledge of resources and approaches, my students have also benefited. I am grateful to Monica for the opportunity to extend and deepen my skills as an educator and therefore to cultivate exciting professional opportunities. - Marla R., Canada
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