Learning Without Borders

If the traditional education system is not working for your child, maybe it’s time to remove the borders around learning—in their mind, their heart, and their everyday experience of learning.

Monica Cochran

Many call me a teacher or a guide, but the truth is that I am a lifelong learner who loves to help others enjoy learning as much as I do. As both an educator who has experienced the joy of learning in outside-of-the-box ways and a parent and advocate to three extremely different children with three completely different sets of needs for learning, I have learned how to customize educational experiences for those who struggle with the traditional approach to education. Through Learning Without Borders, I work with learners and their families to remove the barriers to learning, cultivate their strengths, and spark a love of learning that will follow them throughout their lives; and I help other educators acquire the knowledge and skills they need to do the same.

My Philosophy of Learning

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Everyone has the capacity to learn when we match learning to the individual, and it is possible to develop a growth mindset. When we hear “I can’t do…,” let’s remember to add “yet.”


It is natural and unfolding all the time. It might not be what we intended at that moment, but it is occurring. To nurture self-directed learning, let’s become observers of the process and expand our notions of what learning looks like. 


Good questions are more important than good answers. Learning how to learn is more important than what is learned. Curiosity is the driver of authentic learning, so let’s create learning environments that foster inquiry.

Working With Me

Consulting with Individuals & Families

We work together to identify the learners’ strengths and needs, and then we develop a plan to help them fall in love with learning again.

Therapeutic Support for Individuals & Families

When children and families learn how to create and maintain felt safety and communication, learning unfolds more easily.

Events and Courses

Adults responsible for learning are more effective when they know how to tap into a child’s strengths, build resilience, support neurodiversity.

What Learners and Families are Saying

“Monica has supported me to really grow into being a better human. One doesn't know what one doesn't know, and having Monica help me to see the core of who I am meant that I could also do the same for my two children. My husband and I chose to allow our children to learn without school when they were very young and started to unravel what we knew about education and learning. Monica then supported our two girls to be self-directed learners and we now have grandparents that marvel at how they learn naturally from their environment and those around them. I love how Monica always acknowledges the journey of each of us so we can know that all the challenges and choices made are part of the process of learning and being in this world and makes us what we are in this moment. Monica consistently gave us tools and processes to unfold our knowing and courage to be who we are and always plenty of websites, apps, books, and other resources to use on this path. I learnt so much about NVC and conscious parenting, and I take it all into every interaction and relationship I have. Others often comment on the way I language situations to find a solution that meets everyone's needs. I am so grateful to you Monica. It’s been an honour and privilege to work with you and I can see how the ripples that emanate from you make the whole world a better place. So much love and gratitude.”

~ Penny C., New Zealand

I Love Empowering
Parents and Educators!

When organizations hire me to speak, they usually ask for one of these three topics, and I customize it for each audience’s needs.

Strength-based Learning

When we build on students’ strengths and interests, we unleash the power of curiosity and agency. Learn simple ways to bring this into your learning environment!

Alternative Learning

When children do not thrive in the traditional learning environment, how do we find the right alternative for them? Discover how to go about identifying the right option for your learner.

Neurodivergent and Relational Approaches

When neurodiversity is at play, relationship-based approaches become even more important to helping children learn. Acquire the insight and tools to create more safety, trust, and learning with your students.

What Educators and Audiences are Saying

"The strength-based approach that Kathy and Monica gave literally made a paradigm shift for the families and children that I serve."

~ Roxanne, United States,
Daycare Professional

Get Started on
Your New Learning Journey

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Clubhouse Conversations

These conversations with parents and educators will inspire you!

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Facebook Groups

This is a great place to connect with and learn alongside other parents on a similar journey.


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These help parents and educators get equipped and empowered to meet their learner’s needs on their own time!

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1 to 1 Consulting

This is a wonderful way to share what is working for you and acquire more tools and skills.


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These theme-based events will help you dive deeper into one the topics important to your learner.


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